M.M.M 2014 Top 5 Favourites

I thought it was only fitting that the last Monday of 2014 was dedicated to my favourite mascara's from the past year!!

It has been very fun finding some great new mascara's and remembering some oldies!! Bring on next year and more great finds!! 

I've somehow managed to whittle it down to my top five favourites.. 

Let's start with my ultimate favourite...
Lancome Grandiose
Well obviously this is has to be my ultimate fav, it is just amazing. The new shape of the wand means its effortlessly easy to apply your mascara. Making your lashes look better than you've ever seen them.. I could rav about this one all day long!! Love it.. See what I mean in my first impressions video here.. 

Also its currently on sale!!
Number two has to be this lovely mascara in Ultra Black, this one is great for all day hold and the dark black shade is perfect for any girl like myself who loves her eyes to really stand out.. It perfectly separates the lashes and gets into the corners really easily too.. I have recommended this to a few friends now and they all really love it as well. 
This next one is my drugstore must have. Its so inexpensive and a really brilliant mascara that you cant go wrong. It holds well and the formula is great. 
Number four is from Superdrugs in store brand B. and is a very recent fav but I'm totally in love. I love how my lashes look with this on as it does exactly what it says on tin, pardon the pun. Your lashes are truly longer looking and the hold is brilliant. Plus the packaging is just gorgeous..
Rimmel Wonder'full
My last is from Rimmel, the lovely Wonder'full mascara with Argan oil in. A new concept in the mascara world but something I hope will continue as my lashes felt lovely from the first stroke and if your mascara can help keep your lashes healthy I'm all for that..

As you can see most of these are not too expensive so why don't you try a few?!

I cant wait to see what new mascaras I come across in 2015!

If you have any recommendations please let me know or if you want a review of one you are interested in leave a comment below!!

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

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