Dreamy Creamy

I'm sure your all bored to death with me banging on about eye-shadow palettes and eye brushes this week, but today I want to talk about a new found love of mine!! Cream eye shadow.
Yes I'm still banging on about eye shadow, but these are different and something very new for me!! The other day whilst browsing the Drug store for some new bits, I came across the Max Factor X Excess Shimmer eye shadows.. I have tried a cream eye shadow before but didn't really like the texture or how it applied on the eyes, but these new beauties from Max Factor are great.
I have the purple shade so far and really love it. The texture is really creamy and easy to apply. I have used my fingers and a brush to apply and found that finger is best for all over eye lid application, where as brush is best if you want to add shimmer in the corners etc. As soon as pay day hits again at the end of the month I will head out and get a few more shades. I quite like the look of the black one, this could work well to achieve a gorgeous smoky eye.
Have you tried these yet? If not I totally recommend them. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Love Hayley


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