An Easy Gift Wrapping Solution!

I love to make each present extra special for Christmas, and usually I just put all the presents into gift bags. But this year I have decided to add a little D.I.Y touch to each gift I'm giving.

I have bought some gorgeous Christmas themed ribbon and cellophane and have decided to construct a gift bag of sorts. 
I love how gorgeous the bundles look! Plus its so easy to achieve! 

Here's what I did. Firstly wrap your presents in normal wrapping paper, then grab the cellophane (make sure you have enough to go round all your presents) then gather it all up, pop some sellotape around the gathered ends first just to secure it better. Then its time to add the ribbon!! Wola all done! 

Let me know if you try this out! I love how they look!
Happy Christmas

Thanks Guys 
Love Hayley


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