A little Hair Care Goes a Long Way

I'm new to this whole dry shampoo thing and actually until moving into the flat I would wash my hair every single morning even twice in a day sometimes! (During those sweaty summer months). But I'm too busy at the moment and getting far to old to worry about having perfectly clean hair everyday!
So I've been trying out a few dry shampoos! I've tried a few from Batiste, a Tresemme one which is my current fav, and some from Philip Kingsley. To add to my collection I found these gorgeous COLAB mini's in Superdrug the other day, and I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I got all four fragrances.. They are by Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends over on Youtube. She is a model/Youtuber/bblogger and now dry shampoo maker.. These are great they have a new sheer invisible formula which helps get rid of all that grease and doesn't leave that horrible white powdery residue, that some other dry shampoo's can.. My Favourite scent is the Tokyo one, with an oriental fragrance, there's three more to choose from. London with the classic scent, New York with the fruity scent and Rio with the tropical scent..

These are really good and a great size to keep in your bag for any hair emergencies.. You can get the full size cans but I have a thing for mini's..

Thanks Guys
Have a great weekend love Hayley..

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