Selfie anyone?

The other day I found myself sitting on the bus on my way to work, thinking I look great today I'll have to take a quick selfie when I get to work!!
When did this become the norm? When I was younger you were lucky if you got your photo taken any other time than at school for that dreaded school photo each year! But now its just so easy! Pop out your phone or open your webcam and snap away.. I have to confess though that I am a little obsessed with taking the odd selfie here or there!
Are you also obsessed too? 

But on a more serious note I actually think that taking selfie's can help build your confidence! Since getting my iPhone a few years back (I started with the iPhone 4 and now have the iPhone 5) I have gradually got more and more confident taking pictures of my very own face.. I remember at first I found it strange taking pictures of myself. Also like most girls I would have the odd not so confident moment thinking I was having an ugly day or dreading going out due to having spots and just not feeling that great about myself.. Even now I still have these moments but nothing like I used too. I've had spot prone skin since about the age of 11 and still don't go a day with out the odd spot but I've just stopped caring so much about them, this could be due to getting older and feeling more comfortable within my own skin but I truly believe that seeing my face more often and not just in a mirror helps with this too. Take my 15 year old sister for instance.. She is sooo confident at such a young age and I think #1, this is due to the time we live in but #2, also for her selfie taking obsession of her beautiful face. Selfie era is in full swing and I for one am loving it..
Anymore Selfie fans out there?
Do you think it gives us confidence? I'd love to hear your thoughts..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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