Monday Mascara Madness

Morning everyone hope you've all had a great weekend. I had a very busy one working, editing my videos and writing up some blog posts..
Today's post is all about the Avon Mega Effects mascara and there's also a little video in which you can watch where I try it out for the first time and find out just how good or bad it is..

For those of you that would rather read what I thought, here are my thoughts on the mascara..

Firstly how cute is the packaging. When this turned up in the post I couldn't quite believe how small it actually was.. I was expecting something very different. I hadn't really read much about it before jumping straight in and purchasing, but I'm glad I have now tried it out.

So what do I think? Is it any good?

Well yes it is really good, a little fiddle for every day use but for nights out or if you have lots of time to get ready than yes a great mascara to use. How to use it, well again I didn't watch any videos or read anything about how to apply, I again just jumped right in. Basically there are two grips as you can see in the pictures that you hold onto and just go in upwards motions coating each of your lashes. I found it was okay when I did it on my left eye as I'm right handed but doing my right eye was a bit tricky I couldn't really see into the mirror very well. But it did separate the lashes really well and after two or so coats looked really good on my lashes..
Overall I think that Avon have done well with this new design on a mascara and I will definitely be using this when I go to any parties and events over the Christmas period. Also for only £10 what a bargain..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

(this is not a sponsored post)


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