Monday Mascara Madness

A little review for you today. A few of my friends had tried the Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara and said I should try it so here are my thoughts on it!! Firstly lets start with the packaging. I hate it, I had real trouble opening it up and the top now has no plastic/packaging on it which doesn't look great and I know its silly but I like my make-up bits and especially mascara to look pretty. Vain I know but it pleases me! The mascara itself I actually do really like it applies well and holds a curl for almost a whole working day. With the 'high tech IFX brush' its states that it will coat even those hard to reach lashes. For the top this doesn't really do much than other mascaras do, but for the lower lashes it really did reach those pesky corner lashes that never get mascara on them, and I love how they look.. The formula itself is very similar to most other Max Factor mascara's I've tried. So nothing really that new here. Overall a good mascara and not bad for the price. Currently £7.99 in Superdrug stores..
Have you tried it yet?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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