Let's have a Look

Is anyone else obsessed with magazine's like I am? I have hundreds (no joke) piled around the flat. One I thought I'd talk about which I have recently started buying again is
Look Magazine. I used to get this all the time then just didn't any more. I'm not really sure why I stopped buying it, its great. There's so much inside from fashion pieces to gossip about celebs!! Its also got all the newest beauty bits featured! I'm so glad I've got this great magazine back in my life!! Look comes out every Tuesday and in some Tesco stores you can pick it up for just 99p, usual price is £1.80. So if your looking for a great mag with a bit of fashion, beauty and gossip its just perfect for that!
Have a great weekend guys!
Love Hayley

(post is not sponsored, just my own opinion )


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