Kids Gift Guide

I have four gorgeous nephews so this year I'm going to have quite a hard task ahead of me! What do I buy them all for Christmas?
The oldest Dylan is almost four, then there's Logan who's nearly three, and the youngest two are only babies so probably a bit easier but the older two I'm struggling with! Shall I get a toy or shall I get an arty piece? Its really hard.. Here's a few things I've found on-line which I might go for..
Firstly I found this great Little Live Pets bird and cage. Its a little interactive bird that sings and chirps away.. I personally would have loved this as a pressie when I was small.
Next I found a Furby, I had one of these years ago and loved it so may have to get this just for the nostalgia fact..
Then I found this Firemans helmet. Who remembers being taken to the local fire station and trying on the helmets. God this post is really bringing back some childhood memories..
And lastly I saw this Despicable Me sticker machine. Dylan would really love this, I think as he is a massive despicable me fan.. 

Now all I have to do is decide? Maybe I'll just phone my sister and brother and ask what I should get for my nephews instead?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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