Glossybox V Birchbox

Here's my November subscription box's review..

So firstly let's start with the Birchbox..
Inside we have the most gorgeous red shade of nail varnish which I am in love with, see my post from the other day here!! Where I'm raving about just how obsessed I am about it.
Next we have a brightening moisturiser from Dr.Jart called relief vita drop. This is supposed to help brighten and restore elasticity to your skin. I'll definitely be using this when its gets even colder.
There are also two tiny pots of hair mask wonders from Beauty Protector. These have argan oil and honey in so will help with my split ends I'm sure.
We have another face product next which is Weledas almond soothing facial oil. Another which will be great for when the snow hits. I'll have gorgeously moisturised and cleansed skin all winter long now. Thankyou Birchbox.
This little bronzer will be a great sample to try, and being matte something different to the usual bronzers I go for. I'm looking forward to using this.
And lastly we have some multivitamins. These are supposed to be good for a hangover cure so I'll be saving these for new years day I think.

Next onto the Glossybox..
First up we have something I have wanted for a very long time.. Sea salt spray. I'm always watching videos on youtube in the summer months where every hair tutorial uses sea salt spray to add texture and just make your hair look amazing. So I am very happy about finding this inside. 
Another facial oil this month. This seems better than the one from before as you can also use it as a night treatment. 
How gorgeous is the packaging on this eye pencil? It has a turning base so it doesn't need sharpening and looks like the constistency will be good when applying so I'll be using this very soon.
Burts bees lipbalm/shine. I haven't used any burts bees products for years so will be nice to have this in my collection.
Another face product from the boxes this month is the H2O+ hydrating treatment. This can be used as a cooling mask if left in the fridge for a few hours so I think I'll try that out.
And lastly we have a little £20 gift card from Best Secret. I've never heard of them before, its a fashion website I think, and I'm going to take a peak at their website in a few so a shopping spree may happen... 

This months favourite for me is going to be the Birchbox. Just for the O.P.I nail polish. I just love it and can't stop wearing it on my nails.. New obsession.. 

Have a lovely weekend guys and I'll see you again on monday..
Love Hayley


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