A Night At The Opera

Opera I here you say! Yes indeed the Opera.

On Saturday evening I had the chance to go a live screening at my local cinema coming all the way from America. This was my first ever Opera experience. The production was Carmen an Opera about a sultry gypsy woman who falls in love with a two men with twists, turns, jealousy, love and death. I have to admit though that at the start I wasn't too sure about it, as it was sung in French and had subtitles, but once I got the hang of reading the subs it was amazing. The lead character of Carmen was brilliant with such a powerful voice and really suited the role, almost as if it was actually made for her. For my first experience of Opera going, I am now hooked and have started looking into other shows. Also may even go and see a Ballet which is something else I've always wanted to do..
Have you seen an Opera production??

Thanks Guys 
Love Hayley

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