A Little Pointless Book

The other day I decided to pre order Zoe/Zoella's book Girl Online and whilst checking out, Pointless Blogs (aka Alfie Deyes) book popped up as a suggested purchase. So I thought why not!

Until Zoe started dating Alfie I never really knew who he was, but since watching him in her vlogs, I really like what he's all about and he is a very funny guy.
I've never actually watched his channel but his book looked really interesting and unusual so I popped that on my order too! The book turned up in the post a few days ago and it looks like such fun.. It is basically a book which has fun things in it to complete! A little daily challenge!! A fun thing to make!! There's even a wordsearch to complete!! A book that will keep me entertained for days I'm sure.. I'm going to start the book on January first as a little new year challenge for myself! I need to bring out the fun side of me a bit more often so this is going to be great for that. This book is a really refreshing take on how we should all get a bit more silly and not take life too seriously! YOLO!!
Hope you al have a great weekend, talk again Monday..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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