The Importance of Brush Cleaning

A friend of mine recently said she had never cleaned her brushes!! Firstly eeeww how unhygienic and secondly why the hell not surely they don't apply your make-up properly!
Especially the eye brushes. For me cleaning my brushes is something I love to do, I find it oddly therapeutic, I try to do mine once a week usually on a Sunday. I have a little video on how I do mine if you would like to take a look here! On a more serious note though, cleaning your brushes is so important. It keeps the bacteria from developing and if you have bad skin like myself it helps to stop spreading infections. Also it can help to extend the lifetime of the brushes themselves. I always dry mine with the bristles facing downwards to stop water getting into the base and loosening the glue inside. In my video I use a solid cleansing bar but any hard soap or even washing up liquid is good for cleaning them. If you don't clean your brushes please start you filthy sod.. lol No seriously though it is a great habit to start.. You may even enjoy it like I do..
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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