Monday Mascara Madness

Today's Mascara is from my Glossybox, the So Susan Flutter Mascara..

As soon as I got this I thought ooo let's give it a go. On the So Susan website it states that it makes your lashes the darkest and curviest they have ever been! Well I'm not convinced and it's actually one of the worst mascaras I've tried in a while. The formular is just too watery and I feel I'm just going over the same area with not much difference, its hard to build up and quite hard to take off! I find I have little flex's on my cheeks even after giving my face a good scrub.. 
The packaging is nice, there's a cute little bird on it! Is it bad that I like the packaging better than the mascara itself? ! 
First coat
Second coat
I have lost count of how many coat's but it has finally started looking okay..
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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