Monday Mascara Madness

In the past I've not had much luck with waterproof mascara and have found them hard to take off and my lashes just seem stiff through out the day whilst wearing it, so when I came across this Duo Mascara from e.l.f cosmetics I had to try it. For two reasons mainly 1, I know have a better make-up remover and 2, I need a waterproof mascara in my collection. This has one end of normal mascara and the other end is waterproof. I tried out the waterproof side first and I'm really impressed! The mascara costs just £1.95 which is such a steal that I wasn't holding out much hope. I really love how it holds the curl and my lashes didn't feel stiff and looked great even after an 8 hour shift at work.. As for the normal mascara though it is rubbish, a true reflection on the cost of the item and as the saying goes ''you get what you pay for''. I won't go on about how rubbish it is but it's just not great.

But saying all that if your after a cheap alternative to waterproof mascara I'd say this one isn't bad and for just under £2 you can't really go wrong.. Well apart from the normal end but oh well..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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