Monday Mascara Madness

So its Monday the beginning of another wonderful week and I thought I'd start a new regular post series all dedicated to my love of mascara's. You all know I'm obsessed...

Each Monday I'm going to chat/review or rave about my latest mascara love or loath..

This weeks is all about Essence Mascara the 'I Love Crazy Volume one'..

I got this in one of my subscription boxes a few months back and finally got round to using it just recently. The packaging itself is quite large and chunky, probably not something I would usually go for if purchasing myself. The brush is okay but I'm not the biggest fan of the formular, after wearing it for the day I find little flex's on my cheeks which is not a good look. I do like how it looks on my lashes though but I don't think I will reach for this one on a regular basis.

This ones a like for me not a love..
Have you tried this one?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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