Brand Review - Lancome Mascara's

Hi guys so I'm back in the world of internet users.. Lol. Also me and my boyfriend are pretty much settled into the flat now, so I thought it was time to get back to blogging. It's actually surprised me quite how much I've missed it..

I thought a little brand review would be perfect to kick things back off with.  So here goes...

Firstly I haven't tried all Lancome mascara's but if you've read my blog recently or seen my videos in the last few months you will know that I bought their new mascara. The amazing Grandiose swan necked mascara and whilst purchasing I got a free Hypnose mascara as well so today I thought I would do a little review of them both..

So to start with let's talk about the brilliant Grandiose mascara! Firstly I have to get this out there I'm obsessed with mascara so have tried loads and this is now my favourite for making the lashes look perfect, its so easy to apply and with the swan necked brush it coats your lashes so perfectly, at first it was a little strange twisting the brush all different ways to achieve gorgeous mascara application, but I soon got used to it. The bottle is really big which is great as I'm always running out of mascara way too quickly! Every time I've used this my lashes are perfectly fanned out and just look amazing, I'm being really careful with it as I don't want to run out any time soon so at the moment I'm using it for special occasion mainly.

Next let's have a chat about the Hypnose mascara.. This has fast become my go to everyday mascara. It's only a travel size that I have but I've been using it most days and I still have loads left. This is a more normal brush and to be honest I really like it, its so easy to use especially when I'm running late for work. As I'm hoping you can see from the pictures my lashes look great using both mascara's but my winner for looks has to be the Grandiose and the winner for everyday has to be the Hypnose. So overall I'm one happy mascara loving lady.. 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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