The Next Step

I've been with my boyfriend for quite a few years and I'm not sure exactly when I started asking if we could move in together but it's something that I've always wanted us to do!
Anthony was always a little sheepish about the idea just nodding and saying yes/no at the appropriate times etc, until last year that is, when we decided to start saving for a place of our own! I'm so excited because this little dream I've had is finally about to become a reality! We are going to be renting our very first flat and the move in date is fast approaching! It's the 26th August!! ;-)
It's all happened so fast we literally looked at the property one day then the next they tell us we can move in! I mean it didn't quite happen like that but you know what I mean, and its funny I was getting very stressed while we were searching for a place, but now we've found one I feel very calm and happy that we are going to take this next step in our lives and relationship! ;)
Now all I need to worry about is where to start with all the packing!?!? 

Thanks Guys 
Love Hayley

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