The Great British Bake Off

Tonight is the night this great show is back on our TV screens!! I am so excited every summer I look forward to this show, a summer without it just wouldn't be the same.
This will be the fifth series and I can't wait to see who will become my favourite baker and who will get it all wrong. I'm also looking forward to Mel and Sue being back with their witty comments and Paul and Mary judging all the baking attempts. I'm an amateur baker myself so you may see some bake off inspired posts coming soon.. My signature bake has to be a lovely Victoria sponge cake, (take a look at my post ) with raspberry jam and whipped cream.. MMmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about it now. Might go bake me some cake..

Are you going to watch the show??
What's your signature bake??

Watch tonight on BBC1 at 9pm..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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