Red Hair Anyone?

My sister Darcy had been begging me to Dip Dye her hair for what seemed like years! So the other day I finally decided it was time. She chose the Schwartzkopf LIVE colour xxl in the shade 92 Pillar Box Red. I'll admit that I had no clue what to do as I'm no hair dresser and have never dip dyed my own hair, but surely it can't be that hard I thought! ;-)

Firstly (step 1) I sectioned off her hair as it's quite thick, then moved the hairtye down on the back section to where the dye would start. Then I layed out all the bits from the box (step 2), and also a bowl, paintbrush and some foil strips. After it was onto mixing (step 3) the colour in the bowl ready to pop on her hair, this part was fun reminded me of my days at nursery school, I used to love mixing up all the paints! Once the colour was on I got the foil and wrapped it around the ends to help the colour develop (step 4), we left it on for around 40 mins because she wanted it to be bright!
Next it was into the shower to rinse the dye out (step 5). This took a while to rinse out as her hair is so thick! Once towel dried you could really see how well the colour took (step 6), I really like how it turned out! ;-) Darcy then went and dried and straightened her hair and I've been told that she absolutely loves how it looks!
My gorgeous little sis...
What do you think?? 
I love how it looks and so does Darcy!! 
Have you ever dip dyed your hair??

Thanks Guys 
Love Hayley 

This is not a real tutorial just thought I'd share my take on doing my sister's hair.. 


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