Palette Love

My love of eye-shadow palettes continues to grow... A few weeks ago I purchased some new palettes... Again!! :) I'm actually on the hunt to find a really good but cheap eye-shadow palette! For years I've been lusting over the Naked palettes and Lorac pro's, but I've decided they are just too expensive so I'm trying to find an alternative..

These two are from Superdrug (where else?) Firstly there's BarryM's Summer Love Palette, this is just gorgeous I love all the shades, they are in pastel colours and you also get a lovely highlighter in there...
The second palette is Make-up Revolution's Salvation Palette, This is my first purchase from the brand and I love it so will definitely be going back for more.. In this palette there is a mix of shimmery and matte shades, these are very pigmented and I absolutely love the red shade (sex chromosome) on the top row.. I used it the other day to do a flick on my eyes.. Also all the shades are named which I love and this is very similar to the Naked palette, so could this be a perfect dupe?? 
These two palettes are really lovely and they were both quite cheap so I think I'm on my way to finding a great dupe palette.. Be sure to check my Youtube Channel out for future videos where I will be using these palettes..

Are you on the look out for a cheaper alternative to the expensive high end lines also?
Have you tried these two?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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