How I Get Happy

Don't know if you saw my post the other day about feeling blue and my dark days but I thought I'd list my top 5 tips that help me get through these times...

1, Shop! Every girl I know doesn't need an excuse to shop but when I'm down this really picks up my mood. Superdrug haul coming soon.. :)
2, Eat! I am a foodaholic!! There I've admitted it.. I like to indulge in things like dark chocolate biscuits and sweets when I'm down, it makes me happy takes me back to when I was a kid..
3, Laugh! My boyfriend is great at cheering me up this way he will pop on a comedy or just tell me some jokes which I don't always get but I love him for it...
4, Love! Make love that is.. Again my boyfriend will help with this lol.. But on a more serious note endorphins are released through your body each time you indulge yourself which gives a feeling of well being..
5, Sunshine! Get out and about and enjoy the sunshine or the rain, just being outside getting some fresh air will help clear your head a great deal...

Hope these tips help if you have dark days like me..
How do you deal with your dark days??

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

(pictures taken from google)
p.s please don't over eat or shop too much...


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