Feeling Blue

I'm not to sure why? But lately I've not felt myself! It could be a combination of tiredness, stress and exhaustion I'm not sure but I've been having more and more dark days recently!! Dark days are what I call those days where you can't be bothered with anything even getting out of your pjs in the morning!! I'm usually okay after I shake myself out of it and say "come on Hayley! Everything's fine your just having a moment!" But I feeling as those I'm sinking in the dark storm at the moment... This may be a little bit of a depressive post for some people but I'm quite an open and honest person and that's exactly how I want my blog to be... 
When I have these dark moments I like to look at little quotes on-line like the ones here for some uplifting of the spirit!! ;) Its a good reminder that things are not actually that bad!! 
I know I'll be fine again soon but sometimes its hard to remember to look for the positive in each day!
This last picture is just a perfect way to end today's post!! I am choosing to drag myself out of the whirlwind of the dark storm and search for the happiness I've lost!! Come to me happiness my arms are open wide!! 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley 

(pictures taken from google)
p.s sorry for the late upload as I'm having scheduling issues... :(


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