What Inspired me?!?!?

Seeing as all I do lately is bang on about what post I'm going to write or what video I'm filming next, a few of my friends have recently asked ''what inspired you to start your blog and youtube channel?''.

Well I have to say its all because earlier this year I read a post about finding your ideal job and how to go about getting it, I can't remember you wrote it. (sorry) One of the things it said was, ''is there anything in your life that you already do that you could possibly turn into a job''. This got me thinking and I realised that I literally spend every hour when I'm not at work or with my lovely boyfriend (or occasionally when I am with him, don't think he minds too much lol) posting stuff on-line or reading other blogs etc. Some of my friends had even begun to tell me that all my posting was annoying them, which I didn't mind as I've never really minded what others thought of my social sites. There mine and if you don't like what I post or say you don't need to follow/like/subscribe to me!!! I'd had a Tumblr blog for a while where I just post my Instagram pics onto and I'd set up a Blogger blog but hadn't posted anything yet. So after reading the post, my obssesion with all things social media really began to take a new turn, I started researching about different ways to start blogs and different ways to start a Youtube channel, some of the things I found were helpful others weren't. Also I found some amazing girls on Youtube who have inspired me so much take a look at their Youtube channels below...
Four amazing girls - LilyPebblesMelaniieMurphyEssieButton & ViviannaDoesMakeup
Pictures taken from Google
So I decided back in May to just spend a day starting my Blog and starting my Youtube channel. and I have to say I'm really glad I did as I couldn't be happier.. To date I've had over 600 views on my Blog, 12 subcribers to my Youtube channel and really positive feedback from across all social media sites.. After only a few months of doing this I have to say things are going great and I'm hoping they will continue to get better... Thanks to anyone who has liked/read/subcribed/followed me it means the world to me and if I've inspried anyone else to give this amazing social world a go than I'm really glad I could...

Thanks guys
Love Hayley


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