What's in my Make-up Bag...

It's time to show you all what's in my Make-up bag... I lurve Make-up and have way too much but I'm sure most girls are the same.. There's just to much new stuff out there to try to stick with all your old stuff, but saying that I do have a few old favs which I keep inside my Make-up bag all the time...

Can't live without all this...
Firstly my bag is from Boots and its by Ted Baker... Isn't it gorgeous, my sister bought it for me back in Feb for my birthday. I love it, its not too big and not too small just perfect.. They don't do this colour any more, its in black now but that looks just as gorgeous..

Love this Make-up Bag...
My daily essentials..

Here's all my items.. looking at it all spread out now I think I may be a bit obsessed, have you all got as much as me? I use most of this daily apart from the eye shadows and obvs I'm not going to use all the mascaras at the same time.. :)

Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow..
Onto what I have here, for powder I always stick to the same brand and colour, Rimmel Stay Matte in peach and Collection Lasting Perfection in shade 1 fair, these two together match my skin tone perfectly. The blusher is a new one for me. Normally I'm not the biggest blusher fan, but I can't get enough of this one from So Susan. Its a universal blusher, which basically means that it has magic powers and matches your skin tone to give a natural flush to the cheeks. As for eyeshadow, I am obsessed with my Mac palette. It's just gorgeous!! I haven't got a full palette yet but the two shades I have got are really lovely. I have Retrospeck which is a whitish colour, and Sumptuous olive which is a lovely shade of green.  I also have some old Accessories eye-shadows which are my lazy day saviour's. 

Foundation, Mascara, Blenders..

Onto Foundation, I'm currently using a combination of a CC Cream & the Healthy Mix foundation by Bourjois. These great as they cover all my blemishes really well.. And the Beauty Blenders! Well these are just fab really don't know how I went without them for so long.. Don't know what I'd do without them now!! 

Primer, Lips, Brushes...
My brushes are from Real Techniques and there are just great, really affordable and great quality. If you haven't tried them yet go buy them now!! For my lips at the moment I'm using another newbie to me the Lip lube from Laqa&Co, its lovely as its sheer and a bit like a gloss. I'm not always the biggest lipstick etc fan but this I am in love with. I also have my trusty Lancome eyelash curler..

That's it for the contents of my bag.. Hope you like this post..

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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