Twitter Love

A short and sweet post today...
My Twitter.... Come and find me..

I'm quite a novice where Twitter is concerned, my 14 year old sister has even been giving me tips that's how bad it is.. :) I just never really understood twitter, I always felt as though I was a little behind everyone else. What with all the trending and so on...
But ever since I started my Blog and YouTube channel Twitter has just become an amazing place.. I've had such great feedback from everyone and I have so much fun tweeting people and sharing everything now that I don't actually know what I'd do without it now!! ;) I have even had a follow recently from an amazing girl who I love from YouTube... Thanks Melanie.. Here's a link to Melanie's Channel. With Twitter I've realised that you should just do your own thing don't worry what anyone else thinks.. It's kinda like being back at school when you worry what people will say about you and your fashion choices etc, but really why are we spending time worrying what others think.. The only person that counts is yourself... Also I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who has recently followed me or favorited a tweet..


Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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