Newbies - H&M (Make-up)

Lovely little palette..
Urban Decay Dupe... :)
The other day whilst out shopping in H&M for a new necklace I came across their make-up range, which I have never noticed before, its probably been around for a while but its new to me. I got an eye shadow palette with 5 gorgeous neutral shades inside (neutrals are my thing ;-).) A make-up sponge and a double ended brush! The eye shadow palette is really nice the lightest shade and the middle shade are my favourites, the other lighter shades don't really show up on my eyelids and the dark I'm yet to try but it looks like it will be great for a smokey eye.. The make-up sponge is brilliant I used it the other day when my Beauty Blender was dirty and it is amazing, and my foundation looked really blended out after using it. I love it, its a great dupe for the Beauty Blender, and around £3 so really you can't go wrong. ;-)
Great Make-up sponge...
Applied my foundation brilliantly....
The double ended brush is really good quality which I wasn't expecting as it was sooo cheap. I'm soo pleased with my purchases, I think I'll go back and get some more!! 
Need more of these gorgeous brushes...
Have you tried anything from the range yet?!? 
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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