Lets Make a Scrapbook..

I love scrap-booking, its so much fun and you can have a scrapbook about almost anything.

I'm sure you all know what a scrapbook is, but for those of you who don't, they are basically where you get a blank book and store all your favourite things in it, like pictures, drawings and keepsakes, also you can decorate it exactly how you want.. Fancy paper or draw all over it.. the options are endless.

Here's a few of mine -

Youtube & Blogging Scrapbook..
My newest where I keep all my ideas and records..
My Relationship Scrapbook.
This one has all my memories from mine and my boyfriends relationship..  (these are all the notes he put on my xmas prezzies last year..)
 Love scrap-booking.... I decorated the middle one myself, love the bird paper...
More from my relationship scrapbook...

My little collection of pictures and goodies to use in my books...

I like to save magazine cuttings and collect pretty little things that I can stick in all my scrapbooks, this is probably my favourite thing about scrap-booking, I love looking for new things I can add to my books..

My Wedding Scrapbook..
 I'm not engaged (yet) but you have to be prepared... lol (my boyfriend knows I have this and he doesn't mind..)
Wedding theme and dress ideas...
I am obsessed with creating a scrapbook about almost anything, I love the idea that you can keep all your favourite things in a lovely book to look at when ever you want... My next book is probably going to be filled with all the pictures I have taken whilst outside on country walks. I'm quite obsessed with taking pictures too, may possibly have an obsessive personality..

Have you ever made a scrapbook??
If yes what kind do you have??

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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