I made it!!!!

This year I've been doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge and finished it on Wednesday. I am so happy I actually managed to do it as apparently most people don't finish it. For those of you who don't know what the 100HappyDaysChallenge is, its an on-line challenge where for 100 days you post a picture of something that made you happy, for me it was mainly food pictures as I'm a massive pig.. lol You can post anything though from your favourite outfit to what colour nail varnish your wearing or even that beautiful flower you've just spotted.
I chose Instagram to post all my pictures onto as I thought it would be an ideal platform, I had loads of fun doing this as I just love to share all my pictures across all my social media sites. I even annoy some of my Facebook friends with how much I post, but I don't care I'm happiest when I'm sharing my day hence the Blog.... Hope you all don't mind my crazy sharing habits if you follow me anywhere on-line..

Here's a few pics from my 100HappyDaysChallenge.  
Day 1
Day 16
Day 45
Day 57
Day 67
Day 71
Day 80
Day 100

You can even make a book with all your pictures in from the 100HappyDaysChallenge Foundation website. It's not free but I think I will as it will be a nice reminder of the challenge.

Will you take the challenge? 
I hope you do as I had a lot of fun doing this little challenge and I really am a lot Happier since doing it....

Thanks for reading 
Love Hayley


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