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Garnier Miracle Eye Cream, but is it....

I turn 30 next year. Omg that sounds sooo wrong! I still only feel like I'm about 25 so that's how old I'll pretend I am... ;-) Anyway I wanted to talk about something which has been bugging me for a while. 
Eye creams, which are the best? Which one should I be using? I've been thinking that I should start using an eye cream for a while, I'm getting old.. :( 

So whilst out shopping in Superdrug (my fav shop..) I decided to have a look for one, there was just to much choice so ended up going with the one that was on the best deal.. The Garnier Miracle Eye Cream, it claims to be anti-ageing, and will transform, awaken and illuminate the eyes after the 1st contact... Well I've been using it for about three weeks now and it is a nice cream, but seems more like a BB cream than an eye cream to me. I mean I can't really say what eye creams are supposed to be like as this is my first but this one is strange.. The cream comes out white but once it hits the skin it turns to a foundation like colour and just looks like it has covered the skin the same way a BB cream does.. I have noticed an improvement to a little scar I had on my right eye (form a beastly spot), that seems to have vanished now but nothing else has really changed.. I'm going to stick with it until it runs out and will let you know if I get nice illuminating eyes, but I don't hold out any hope.. If anyone has any recommendations for eye-creams please do let me know as my hunt for an eye-cream is still on...
Do love me some Garnier...
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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