Disappointing Products!

Recently I got my hands on the They're Real Benefit mascara (courtesy of my Birchbox) and I have to say it has not lived up to all the hype surrounding it!! I was so excited to get this but to be honest I'm not a fan..
Firstly the wand itself is just all wrong! I love mascara so have tried quite a few in my time but this is just weird it looks like there is a lot of product on the wand but in reality hardly anything actually comes out onto your lashes, and as for the apparent 94% of people that said they ''saw dramatic length and volume''. (quote from on the packaging). I didn't! My lashes just looked exactly the same as always... Totally not worth the money, so I'm really glad I didn't pay out.. Maybe I got a dud one. Who knows?
Not great.... :(

The next disappointment I have is with patterned nail files, I'm always buying these from shops when they have them near the tills (you know the ones) and each time I'm lucky if I get two uses out of them. Why do I keep buying these??? I must stop..

This post is not meant to offend anyone, so sorry if it does, but it's a free world and I'm entitled to my own opinion..

Have you tried the They're Real Mascara? What's your verdict?
Do you get sucked into buying those crappy nail files?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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