Customise Time

My sister looking good... 
The other day my little sister asked me to customise an old pair of jeans for her!! She wanted to have a ripped pair a little bit like the Joni Jeans she saw in Topshop!! Firstly I had a practice run on an even older pair just so we could see where the best place was to do the cut above the knee, and also to see if I could actually do it! (She didn't think I could!)
Once the practice run was out the way i got stuck in to the real one. I got my sister to wear the jeans whilst i cut as it was easier to get the positioning right.
Love how they turned out...
And so did my sis!! :)
All I did was pinch a bit of the fabric where I wanted to cut, away from her skin (didn't want to get blood everywhere) then just cut a little more along then gave the cut a good rip and voilà we have our first rip on the jeans I then repeated the same process for the other two rips! It was so easy I think I'll do it on my own jeans very soon!!

What do you think?!? 
Have you ever customised a pair yourself?? 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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