A Picnic In The Park

On Sunday I had the chance to meet two of my Youtube idols.. Lily from LilyPebbles and Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup. They had a joint meet-up in London, in a gorgeous park near Selfridges. It was a meet&greet picnic style event, they both also bought their boyfriends Mark and Rich along, if you watch their vlogs you will know who they are.. And Lily even had her family there and her nephew kept photobombing.. So funny.. Really lovely day..
Yay me.. meeting my Idols..
I bought my sister Darcy along with me, she's new to Lily and Anna's video but is now a big fan just like me.. There were loads of people up there meeting them and the event was just great, I also met some lovely people whilst queueing. Hello new friends if your reading this..  

Group photo.. 
I also managed to get the cutest picture of them both hugging, so cute.. And Lily and her family even recognised me from the stalking I did on twitter lol, #LilyAnnaPicnic go take a look.. They were both soo lovely and I'm so happy I got the chance to meet them.
Awww besties...
Also after the picnic I couldn't miss out on the chance to take a trip into Selfridges. What girl could resist.. Inside I managed to get my hands on possible the best mascara ever made, the Lancome Grandiose, its a new swan like shaped wand that claims to be great.. (I'll let you know my verdict in a future post). Also I had to visit the amazing food hall again. love that shop a little bit too much I think. Need a job in there...

Can't wait to try this...
All round I had a brilliant day..
What did you all get up to on the weekend?

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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