A New Adventure..

So yesterday I went to the opticians to see (pun intended) about getting contact lenses. I've been thinking about it for years but always been too scared, and I was sooo nervous on the day as I feel like I've been wearing glasses my whole life, its only actually since I was 11 but still..

One of the lovely ladies in the shop took me to a little room out the back where they literally chucked me in at the deep end and got me to try out putting the lenses in straight away.. It was so strange I had to pry my eye open and pop the lens in all at the same time, anyone who does this on a regular basis has serious skills! ;-) it was hard work, but once they were in omg it was amazing i could see!! The told me to look around the shop for a bit to get used to them and I was so surprised how quick I got used to wearing them!! I even had time to take a sneaky no glasses selfie!!
Looking good!! lol
I'm going back on Friday to pick up my order, and I am very excited about all the new things I'll be able to do - new hairstyles, new make-up etc!!

Bring on a glasses free future!! 

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley


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