My Life in Pictures

I feel as though I've had such a busy few months, its almost as if my feet haven't touched the ground..

Here's what I've been up to..
Around the time I started my Blog I also jumped into the world of Youtube, and have currently uploaded a total of 11 videos! (feel free to take a look).
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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

On friday as part of my spoiling my boyfriend for his birthday, I took him to see the new Planet of the Apes movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
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A Picnic In The Park

On Sunday I had the chance to meet two of my Youtube idols.. Lily from LilyPebbles and Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup. They had a joint meet-up in London, in a gorgeous park near Selfridges. It was a meet&greet picnic style event, they both also bought their boyfriends Mark and Rich along, if you watch their vlogs you will know who they are.. And Lily even had her family there and her nephew kept photobombing.. So funny.. Really lovely day..
Yay me.. meeting my Idols..
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Lets Make a Scrapbook..

I love scrap-booking, its so much fun and you can have a scrapbook about almost anything.

I'm sure you all know what a scrapbook is, but for those of you who don't, they are basically where you get a blank book and store all your favourite things in it, like pictures, drawings and keepsakes, also you can decorate it exactly how you want.. Fancy paper or draw all over it.. the options are endless.

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A Love Note

Me and my amazing boyfriend....
Today is my boyfriend Anthony's birthday and I thought I would write a little post about how great he is. He is so supportive of me in everything I do so I thought I'd share the love with you guys...
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Disappointing Products!

Recently I got my hands on the They're Real Benefit mascara (courtesy of my Birchbox) and I have to say it has not lived up to all the hype surrounding it!! I was so excited to get this but to be honest I'm not a fan..
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A New Adventure..

So yesterday I went to the opticians to see (pun intended) about getting contact lenses. I've been thinking about it for years but always been too scared, and I was sooo nervous on the day as I feel like I've been wearing glasses my whole life, its only actually since I was 11 but still..
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What's in my Make-up Bag...

It's time to show you all what's in my Make-up bag... I lurve Make-up and have way too much but I'm sure most girls are the same.. There's just to much new stuff out there to try to stick with all your old stuff, but saying that I do have a few old favs which I keep inside my Make-up bag all the time...

Can't live without all this...
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Newbies - MUA love

Some more Newbies to show you....

I love trying new products so when I saw this palette and the fixing mist in Superdrug I just had to have them... (my bank account does not like all my spending.. oops) These were bargains though..
Love the colours and the fixing spray is amazing...
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App Time

Back in May I wrote a post about called My Essential Apps which was about some great apps I just couldn't live without, which included the BBC iplayer app, Pintrest and Shazam. I've decided that I'm going to try and find new apps each month for you to enjoy. I can't live with out my iPhone so thought this would be a good idea as I already have over 30 apps on there..
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Garnier eye cream

Garnier Miracle Eye Cream, but is it....

I turn 30 next year. Omg that sounds sooo wrong! I still only feel like I'm about 25 so that's how old I'll pretend I am... ;-) Anyway I wanted to talk about something which has been bugging me for a while. 
Eye creams, which are the best? Which one should I be using? I've been thinking that I should start using an eye cream for a while, I'm getting old.. :( 
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New Resturant Review

Look at all the yummy food...
In my home town there's not much excitement, so when a new shop/restaurant opens I'm all over it. The new restaurant I'm going to let you guys know about is a actually a Cafe but I liked the header...
Love this place...
The Cafe is called Barracuda, it's a family run business run by a lovely guy called John. He has a few other restaurants/cafe's across the country and is loving the quaint town of Amersham. Apparently its quite different from the other locations he's opened in before.. This little cafe is just what Amersham needed..
My facebook review...
I have visited the Cafe on many occasions now so thought that it was about time I let you all know how great it is. You can have anything from Eggs Benedict to home made Cheese burgers, also delicious Crepes inside. I have tried a few different things and my friends and family have also tried a few, we all really love the atmosphere inside and the food is delicious.. Its a great little place and the prices are really good.
Home-made Steak burger...
  • If your ever in Amersham be sure to check it out!! 

Yummy Lasagne & Gherkins (I am obsessed with gherkins)..
MMmmmm Chocolate cake.....

Hot Salt Beef sandwich....

Another yummy burger... 
Lunch date with my lovely boyfriend....
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

Twitter Love

A short and sweet post today...
My Twitter.... Come and find me..

I'm quite a novice where Twitter is concerned, my 14 year old sister has even been giving me tips that's how bad it is.. :) I just never really understood twitter, I always felt as though I was a little behind everyone else. What with all the trending and so on...
But ever since I started my Blog and YouTube channel Twitter has just become an amazing place.. I've had such great feedback from everyone and I have so much fun tweeting people and sharing everything now that I don't actually know what I'd do without it now!! ;) I have even had a follow recently from an amazing girl who I love from YouTube... Thanks Melanie.. Here's a link to Melanie's Channel. With Twitter I've realised that you should just do your own thing don't worry what anyone else thinks.. It's kinda like being back at school when you worry what people will say about you and your fashion choices etc, but really why are we spending time worrying what others think.. The only person that counts is yourself... Also I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who has recently followed me or favorited a tweet..


Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

Newbies - H&M (Make-up)

Lovely little palette..
Urban Decay Dupe... :)
The other day whilst out shopping in H&M for a new necklace I came across their make-up range, which I have never noticed before, its probably been around for a while but its new to me. I got an eye shadow palette with 5 gorgeous neutral shades inside (neutrals are my thing ;-).) A make-up sponge and a double ended brush! The eye shadow palette is really nice the lightest shade and the middle shade are my favourites, the other lighter shades don't really show up on my eyelids and the dark I'm yet to try but it looks like it will be great for a smokey eye.. The make-up sponge is brilliant I used it the other day when my Beauty Blender was dirty and it is amazing, and my foundation looked really blended out after using it. I love it, its a great dupe for the Beauty Blender, and around £3 so really you can't go wrong. ;-)
Great Make-up sponge...
Applied my foundation brilliantly....
The double ended brush is really good quality which I wasn't expecting as it was sooo cheap. I'm soo pleased with my purchases, I think I'll go back and get some more!! 
Need more of these gorgeous brushes...
Have you tried anything from the range yet?!? 
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

New Skincare Routine

Half way through June I decided that I wanted to try a new skincare routine, as my current one wasn't really doing much for me. So I popped into Superdrug and found some lovely products that I thought would work well for me. I have combination skin with a few spots and blemishes thrown in and these products claimed to help with all my areas of concern.
All my newbies....
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Customise Time

My sister looking good... 
The other day my little sister asked me to customise an old pair of jeans for her!! She wanted to have a ripped pair a little bit like the Joni Jeans she saw in Topshop!! Firstly I had a practice run on an even older pair just so we could see where the best place was to do the cut above the knee, and also to see if I could actually do it! (She didn't think I could!)
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Brand Review - Barry M (Nail Polish)

Barry M Nail polish has to be my favourite high street nail polish brand by far...

I have soooo many of these gorgeous little things that I just had to make sure everyone else knew about them! (I'm sure you already do!). The polish formula is great, nice and creamy and usually I only need one coat on my nails after putting on a clear base coat. It doesn't chip for ages and I will usually get at least 4 days wear. Below is a list of some of my favourite shades right now. And if you haven't tried these nail polishes please do they are great..

I'm loving bright's on my nails at the moment so there's a few bright's but also some darker shades!! I just love them all , wish I had a whole room full!!

Currently on my nails - shade 308/Berry
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Back to Work Blues

On Monday I went back to work after having two lovely weeks off. :( It really hit me the first day back but soon after it was as if I hadn't even been away. I really love my job but every now and again I wonder if I'm destined for other things.. I'm an assistant manager for a well known company, and have worked there for 8 years this year (omg is it really that long!?).
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Recently I saw someone on-line use the term iPhoneography to describe one of their pictures and realised that I have been iPhoneographing for years. Well precisely 4 years.. (that's when I got my first iPhone). Basically it's a term used for taking, editing and sharing your iPhone pics.. Even since I took my first picture using my iPhone I've been obsessed. I just love how great all my pics look.. Also how easy it is to edit them and share all at the touch of tiny little buttons.. Here's a few pics I've taken recently...
A gorgeous Tulip I saw in the rain..

My gorgeous girls cute paws...

My gorgeous girl...

A magpie just taking flight from a lamppost...
I love that I can take a picture anywhere I go.. Are any of you familiar with this term? Are you iPhoneographers like me??

Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

What Inspired me?!?!?

Seeing as all I do lately is bang on about what post I'm going to write or what video I'm filming next, a few of my friends have recently asked ''what inspired you to start your blog and youtube channel?''.

Well I have to say its all because earlier this year I read a post about finding your ideal job and how to go about getting it, I can't remember you wrote it. (sorry) One of the things it said was, ''is there anything in your life that you already do that you could possibly turn into a job''. This got me thinking and I realised that I literally spend every hour when I'm not at work or with my lovely boyfriend (or occasionally when I am with him, don't think he minds too much lol) posting stuff on-line or reading other blogs etc. Some of my friends had even begun to tell me that all my posting was annoying them, which I didn't mind as I've never really minded what others thought of my social sites. There mine and if you don't like what I post or say you don't need to follow/like/subscribe to me!!! I'd had a Tumblr blog for a while where I just post my Instagram pics onto and I'd set up a Blogger blog but hadn't posted anything yet. So after reading the post, my obssesion with all things social media really began to take a new turn, I started researching about different ways to start blogs and different ways to start a Youtube channel, some of the things I found were helpful others weren't. Also I found some amazing girls on Youtube who have inspired me so much take a look at their Youtube channels below...
Four amazing girls - LilyPebblesMelaniieMurphyEssieButton & ViviannaDoesMakeup
Pictures taken from Google
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Youtuber - How-to videos..

So the other day I decided to film a how-to video for my Youtube channel.. Its uploaded now. (take a peak above)..
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My amazing day out at Londons Selfridges

Last week I took my sister up to Oxford street in London so she could meet 5SOS, in HMV. She had a blast but I got a little bored waiting around for the boys, so thought lets go shopping!! Selfridges was calling me, so off I went (my first time ever), and its was amazing!
It took me a while to find the store as I got out at Oxford Circus station and it is in the exact opposite direction. But once I found it, it's brilliant, my idea of heaven. :) Even the outside impressed me, (I love old fashioned buildings). They have a theme in the food hall at the moment called Meet the Makers which is about the people behind all there yummy food in-store. It looked great and apparently they have a different theme each season. There were so many different departments to look at in store, my fav's were of course the Mac counter, the Ted Baker pop up shop and the Sweet department! They also had some nice stationery.

I ended up getting a 4 piece Mac Pro Palette, my first one which cost £6.50 for the empty palette, then you pick your shades, £10 each. I only got two, Retrospeck which is a whitish colour, and Sumptuous olive which is a lovely shade of green.  I also got some yummy meringues and chocolate from the food hall, and some delicious sweets from the sweet dept. I literally could have spent all day in the store but 1, I didn't have enough money and 2, I couldn't really leave my sister stranded in London.. lol I will just have to go back..

If any of you are looking for somewhere to go in London I would totally recommend Selfridges it was exactly what I expected and more.
The amazing MAC counter... I wanted it all...

The yummy sweet department.

A gorgeous bag I need to buy from Ted baker... Next time hopefully..
Thanks Guys
Love Hayley

A little faux paux

Hi guys so I've been editing the blog today and for some reason one of my older post has popped up to the top, not sure why but hopefully you don't mind... :) I think I've sorted the problem so hopefully there won't be any more issues...

Love Hayley

Yummy Victoria Sponge Cake Tutorial!!

What you will need- 
Two 8inch sandwich tins,
225g/8oz butter,
225g/8oz caster sugar,
4 large eggs,
225g/8oz self-raising flour,
2 level tsp baking powder.
For the filling use strawberry or raspberry jam & wipping cream! (I used raspberry as it’s my all time fav!)

First- pre-heat your oven to 180•c/fan 160•c/gas 4, then grease and line the sandwich tins with a bit of butter and greaseproof paper.
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Oxford Street Haul

Hi guys so here's my first ever Haul video... Hope you like it..

I made it!!!!

This year I've been doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge and finished it on Wednesday. I am so happy I actually managed to do it as apparently most people don't finish it. For those of you who don't know what the 100HappyDaysChallenge is, its an on-line challenge where for 100 days you post a picture of something that made you happy, for me it was mainly food pictures as I'm a massive pig.. lol You can post anything though from your favourite outfit to what colour nail varnish your wearing or even that beautiful flower you've just spotted.
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Netflix Suggestions

Hi everyone so the time has come for more Netflix suggestions. The first I want to let you all know about is Homeland its a show about a prisoner of war that has just been found after years in captivity, and there's a CIA agent who is suspicious that he has been turned into an Al Qaeda terrorist. Its not what I expected but in a good way. :) Take a look.
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The Glamour Beauty Edit Box

I am obsessed with subscription boxes...

I already get the Glossy Box and the Birchbox each month, so when I saw that Glamour had a beauty box I just had to have it.. Read the review from WhichBeautyBox a great blog I follow, Jaina is brilliant at describing subscription boxes. The Glamour Beauty Edit box is brilliant. (just take a look at the pics below) Inside I got 9  full sized products for only £16.95 including P&P. Not bad really seeing as the value of the whole box is over £86. My favourite product has to be the Magnifibres lengthening lashes fibres, I haven't tried it yet but I'm very excited to.
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