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Garnier Ultimate Blends 

Don't know if any of you guys saw my last video on youtube (link for anyone who'd like to see it - but I mentioned that I'd used the Marvellous Transformer shampoo & conditioner. I'm really bad and wash my hair everyday (it gets greasy quickly) so I thought I'd use these and put some goodness back in.
I've been using it for about a week now so I thought I'd share my thoughts and findings on it. Firstly they smell gorgeous, also they don't leave you hair feeling heavy like some shampoos etc with oils in can, (they have Argan & Camellia oils in them). My hair seems to be much more smoother and really shiny which I love especially when the weathers nice. 

'Hair glistens as if transformed
                        (as stated on the bottle)

I've also been using the Marvellous Glow Oil along side this. My hair tends to get quite dry towards the ends so this has really helped with that! At first I was a little worried as the liquid is very oily and in the past I've used others and my hair just looks like it needs to be washed again (not a good look) but its lovely you just squeeze a couple of drops out onto your hands then massage through the ends of your hair. One thing to remember though don't put it too close to the roots because you don't want horrid greasy hair!! Another little treat is there 1 minute The Glow Replenisher. Its a 1 minute sort of hair mask that makes your hair super silky. This is my favourite! It left my hair feel so soft and subtle.  

Overall I'm really pleased with the products! 

Have you tried these?!? 


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