Netflix Suggestions

I am addicted to Netflix!!!

Had to get that out there! I've been signed up to Netflix for over a year now and I've watched so many great shows that I hadn't even know had been made!! Each month I'm going to list my favs. 
My fav's for the month ahead have to be Suits. Its a show about a law firm and the people who work there!! A college drop out named Mike bags himself a job in the law firm without any qualifications. Another favourite of mine is Orange is the new black.
Its an original production by Netflix themselves. Its about a girl named Piper who has been sent to prison for a crime she committed in her teens, The new season starts soon but check out season one I'm totally hooked and can't wait till its back. I'm also obsessed with Sons of Anarchy! Its about the highs and lows of living in a bike gang, my fav character has to be jaxs he gorgeous!! ;-) 

This post is not sponsored in anyway, just my opinion! Hope you'll check out these great shows! 


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