Happy Me & Winning the War

Sooo my boyfriend is home!! Yay! ;-) I've not posted in a few days life has just got in the way! I've been very busy at work and busy at home praticing for my theory test this week!! Eeekk!! But I wanted to post today because today was the second day in years I've worn a top that shows my back out in public!! Shock horror!! I know some of you will think wtf?
But for years I've suffered with backne! (Back acne). I was so paranoid about it that I kept it covered, even wearing jumpers and cardigans in the boiling hot heat! Then last year I stumbled upon the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Back Spray (only £4.99) and my life has got so much better! ;) Dramatic statement I know!! Basically its a spot treatment for your back acne, you just spray it on your back morning and night and it helps clear the bacteria that causes the spots!! It has worked wonders for me! I still have a few scares (from the horrid beastly spots) but overall my backne has vanished!! I've also been using it on my face acne and its helping there too (but it can dry my skin out so I have to keep my face highly moisturised). This makes me soooo happy! This may seems strange to some of you but I've had acne on my face and back since I was 11years old, I'm 29 now and finally feel I'm winning the war!!


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