PMA - Positive Mental Attitude

5 Tips for keeping a positive mental attitude. 

1) look for the happy in everything you do. I like to think about the good things that come from everyday tasks such as cleaning the house - seems laborious at first but think about how nice it will look when its done. 
2) don't dwell on the not so nice things. There's no point dwelling on things you can't change, say for instance if your running late and miss your bus to work, what's the worst that could happen - you may get a scolding from your boss, its not like there going to sack you! (Hopefully not anyway). 
3) chilltime. Remember to find time for a relax and unwind session each day. Even if its only five minutes out of your day! Breathe! ;-) 
4) keep pushing through any bad stuff. Remember that things can only get better!! If your having a crappy day try and think about something nice you have planned. (An evening out with my lovely boyfriend usually helps me focus again, but it could be anything, a shopping trip even). 
5) don't worry. I'm the biggest worry wort I know, so I know first hand this isn't easy. But try to live in the moment not in the past - you can't change whats already happened. Also don't beat yourself up if things haven't quite worked out the way you had planned!! When I was 16 I'd made a list of all the things I was going to have done by the time I hit 25, I'm 29 now and let's just say things haven't quite gone the way I was imagining but I'm glad really!
Love my life! ;-) 


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