My Essential Apps

So I'm the first to admit that I can get a little obsessed with the latest Apps!! I've had everything from CandyCrushSaga to Pic Collage to name but a few. But I thought I'd list my most can't live without Apps. 
My number one App has to be Pintrest its great, I'd say it's like an online scrapbook where you can keep any pictures or links to things you love. Another great App has to be the BBCiplayer App, I am addicted to watching it on my lunchbreak at work (I'm sometimes late back because I need to watch the end of Orphan Black!! Lol or any other great show they have on there).
My next is the Shazam App, its brilliant, have you ever heard a song and thought I know this but just can't remember who sings it. Well Shazam is here to help! All you do is press the middle button and Shazam it will tell you everything you need to no! There are loads more I could list but that's for another day.. Hope you've found this helpful and happy app hunting everyone!! 

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