PMA - Positive Mental Attitude

5 Tips for keeping a positive mental attitude. 

1) look for the happy in everything you do. I like to think about the good things that come from everyday tasks such as cleaning the house - seems laborious at first but think about how nice it will look when its done. 
2) don't dwell on the not so nice things. There's no point dwelling on things you can't change, say for instance if your running late and miss your bus to work, what's the worst that could happen - you may get a scolding from your boss, its not like there going to sack you! (Hopefully not anyway). 
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Subscription Boxes

I've finally gone and done it! I have ordered my first ever subscription boxes, its something I've been thinking about doing for a while but never really got around to. I have read soooo many reviews and blog posts regarding the best boxes etc, but I thought I'd give two a go and see what all the fuss is about. The two I've gone with are the GlossyBox & the BirchBox.
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My Essential Apps

So I'm the first to admit that I can get a little obsessed with the latest Apps!! I've had everything from CandyCrushSaga to Pic Collage to name but a few. But I thought I'd list my most can't live without Apps. 
My number one App has to be Pintrest its great, I'd say it's like an online scrapbook where you can keep any pictures or links to things you love. Another great App has to be the BBCiplayer App, I am addicted to watching it on my lunchbreak at work (I'm sometimes late back because I need to watch the end of Orphan Black!! Lol or any other great show they have on there).
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20 Random Facts About Me


So it's official I'm a Youtuber!!

I have two video's uploaded now and I'm having lots of fun(it's my new little hobby).
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Real Techniques

For quite a while now I have been hearing/reading good things about the Real Technique make-up brushes (I know I'm late to get on the bandwagon), but I have just recently bought the core collection set. And I have to say first impressions and I'm very impressed!
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